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Importing Your Vehicle to the USA: What You Need to Know (Part II)

EPA, DOT & CBP import requirements

The EPA has crafted a comprehensive manual (accessible on their website) on the emission regulations when it comes to the non-US version vehicles and US-version vehicles driven overseas.

Also, the US Department of Transportation has a set of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety, Bumper and Theft Prevention Standards which all vehicles have to pass to be imported from Europe.

Finally, the US Customs and Border Protection can ship your vehicle back to Europe if it doesn’t pass its smog, safety, and bumper check.

To be able to import a car from Europe and register it in the US, you must make sure it complies with all the standards and passes all the above-mentioned checks.

If you are importing a classic vehicle, there are specific differences. For instance, if the classic car is over 21 years old, it doesn’t have to comply with the EPA requirements. Furthermore, for cars over 25 years old, there is no requirement for compliance with DOT’s Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Important info to Ship a Car Overseas

Cars like this one can be imported to the United States if bought outside of the border following the USA’s specific guidelines. 

No vehicle can leave USA if it has a lien on it. This means your car has to be paid in full. The only individuals who can ship a car overseas and still have a lien on their vehicle are US Military and Government employees/contractors. For these individuals, a letter of authorization from the lender will have to be issued to get through US Customs. Otherwise the vehicle could be considered stolen.

If you bought a new vehicle, your name must be listed on the front of the title as the registered owner.

If the vehicle has been sold, then both the buyer and seller have to sign the back of the Title in the spaces as detailed on the back of the Title.

Importing Your Vehicle to the USA: What You Need to Know (Part I)

If you have bought a sport or exotic car in Europe and want to import it to the USA, you must familiarize yourself with all the regulations and rules necessary for a successful import. Not complying with some of the requirements can create unpleasant consequences, from more financial charges to the car being reverted back to its country of origin or even destroyed.

Moreover, if you select shipping as the way of transporting the car to the states, it’s recommended you know the shipping procedures.

Here’s an overview of car importation requirements for the U.S. and also the basic overview of the shipping process.

How shipping works

If you’ve bought a car outside of the United States you can import it by following the guidelines, procedures, and laws that are in place.

If you use a reputable international shipping company (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), the shipping process begins with the customer offering the model, year, make, and location of the car, after which you get the shipping rate.

With the initial estimate, the importer has to be sure the vehicle will be able to pass the USA EPA, DOT and CBP standards. Once you’re certain your car can pass all the checks, you bring it to the nearest port or arrange for its transport. Based on the method of shipping, the transport can take up to 14 days.

After that, you should pick your preferred shipping method. Some ports support RoRo shipping and some support only container shipping. Check whether the port nearest to you offers your chosen shipping method.

Once the car is at one of the US ports (Long Beach, CA, Brunswick, GA, Tacoma, WA, Newark, NJ, Jacksonville, FL, Baltimore MD, Galveston, TX, Charleston, SC,) you can either pick it up yourself or have it picked up by a truck carrier and transported to the address you gave.

Duty-free import

There are certain people who can import a vehicle into the US duty-free. These are returning US citizens, US military and government employees.

Transporting Your Exotic Vehicle

Transporting Your Exotic Vehicle


Individuals have all type of vehicles shipped by automobile transport companies. These firms concentrate on delivery lorries from one location to another. Several of them focus on delivery exotic autos. When you visit have your exotic car carried it could be a demanding circumstance. You wish to find an auto transport company that will manage your automobile verycarefully and also get it to its destination in a protected and also safe method.

Your automobile is worth a great deal of cash and also in some cases can hold an emotional value. Individuals with these kinds of cars a lot of the time do not trust anyone utilizing them, let alone turning them over to an auto transport business for delivery. It is tough however often you need to do particular points when moving that you normally would not do. There are numerous cartransport business that concentrate on shipping exotic vehicles and also sports cars and also getting them shipped to their location safely.

You ought to look into these sorts of automobile transportation business as well as discover one with an excellent credibility that you will certainly really feel comfortable utilizing. The internet is an excellent area to store and also compare costs on car transportation firms. There are several firms that will certainly be able to ship your car to any type of location.

You need to cover your tracks and find a good auto transportation business that will certainly treat your vehicle the same way that you would certainly. An unique auto can be your prize ownership as well as you wish to have it shipped safely as well as firmly by a trusted and even reputable auto transport firm.