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Traveling to Keller TX? How to Get Great Service by a Good Staff and Maid in Keller

How to Choose the Best Keller Hotel and Service for Your Next Trip!

You have decided to take a trip to Keller, TX. And now, you want to make sure that you know how to choose the best hotel with the best maid Keller has to offer. Well, no worries. You have come to the right place!

gone to Keller TX

Service by the best staff and the best maid in Keller 

When you are selecting a hotel for your next trip, there is an overabundance of crucial aspects to take into consideration. A hotel, where you stay on your journey, can make or break your vacay. Therefore, it is vital that you get the right hotel based on your needs.

At the time of hotel booking, you should pick not only the best deal, but also a hotel with excellent amenities, a highly-professional staff, and efficient maid service.

Pick a hotel based on if it’s business or pleasure

Whether your trip is business or pleasure plays a critical role in finding the perfect hotel. If you are going to a conference, you’ll want a hotel room with a desk, Wi-Fi (free internet if you can), and perhaps a business center. If you’re enjoying a little vacay, look for a hotel that has rooms with a jacuzzi in them.

Spend based on your budget

Your budget plays a huge role in determining where you lodge during the trip. You have to consider the total amount you want to spend. How large of an amount do you want to spend on your hotel? How big of an amount will you need to feel safe, content, and comfortable?

If your budget is tight, you can choose to get a rented room in a home or apartment. If your budget is large, you can book a stay at a luxury hotel or rent a whole house. If you decide to do a rental, make sure that the place is in a safe area.

Money saving tip

You can also book a hotel via an online booking service. Today, several websites offer online hotel booking at reduced prices. These places also have first-time booking benefits or various coupons. The best part is that you can see pics of the hotel and read hotel reviews before making your decision.

How to RV With Babies on Board (Part II)

Make sure your RV is baby proof.

Babyproofing an RV

RVs are little enough without having an onboard nursery. Though, you have to find a secure area where your baby can sleep and relax when joining you on an RV adventure. Luckily, parents usually give little ones way more room than needed. Numerous RV cabins will be big enough to fit a baby or a young child.

You have to find a crib that is appropriate for your RV’s interior. Luckily there are portable cribs that are built for families on the go. Inspect dimensions and measurements for your crib space in the RV to be sure it will fit. Think about installing soft carpet in your RV for when your infant starts to crawl and walk. Rope off spaces you don’t want your baby to get to like the backroom in a toy hauler.

When you think about it, several RVs come baby proofed for the road. Drawers, items, and fold-outs must be secure while on the road. They frequently come with soft sides, security latches, and other features that seem like baby proofing. Take a complete walkthrough of the RV’s cabin to detect any dangerous spots, particularly if the infant is already walking and curious. Use customary baby proofing methods where needed.

Expect the Best, Plan for the Worst

We encourage complete preparation while putting together an RV trip and bringing an infant takes it to a whole new level. Make a list of anything your baby could require such as diapers, backup bottles, formula, sheets and more.

It is also helpful to plan out your precise route and get the information for nearby pediatricians and or hospitals in case your infant gets sick. It might not even be a bad idea to carry along your current pediatrician’s info and any important medical information should someone need swift access to them.


Odd Things You Can Transport on a Plane

While there are long lists of things you shouldn’t put in your luggage, there is also a long list of odd things you can actually bring on a plane. Read on to discover what you can bring. Always make sure to check before you fly, as rules could change quickly.

Though this might be a surprise for non-hunters, bringing antlers on a plane is okay on almost any American airline. Most typically charge a small fee and required that the antlers are cleaned and correctly wrapped.

Kayaks and bikes
Many airlines let you pack sporting equipment such as bikes, kayaks, snowboards, and surfboards. It’s worth doing some checking before you carry all that heavy stuff to the airport, as not all airlines allow all these items, and certain airlines will make you take apart your equipment and pack it a specific way.

Fishing rods
The TSA says fishing rods are allowed on as either checked or carry-on luggage, but the final decision rests with your airline. So, before you carry that fishing gear all the way to the airport, you definitely want to be sure you can really bring it on the plane.

Human remains
Based on a TSA rule, cremated human remains are allowed in checked baggage or onboard. Some airlines don’t allow crematory remains as checked baggage. Again, you want to call the airline and be sure to know what the rules are before you get to the airport. For carry on, crematory remains must be in cardboard, wood, or plastic container, as metal urns may not be allowed through security.

Oddly enough, you are allowed to take a parachute onto the plane with you just in case circumstances deem it necessary.


You can put a parachute in your checked or carry-on luggage. Just be sure the rig is disconnected from other parts of your luggage. You also might want to get to the airport about an hour early in case the TSA has some questions for you.

How to RV With Babies on Board (Part I)

Traveling in your RV is fun and exciting especially when you’re little one is safe.

RVing is usually an activity that is ideal for families and has been discovered to enhance family bonds and make lasting memories. It’s no surprise numerous RVing parents like to introduce the world of RVing to their children early on. Doing anything with little ones takes patience and preparedness, even more so when you bring a baby along on an RV road trip. Below are some suggestions on RVing with infants, along with some advice on baby proofing your RV before your adventure.

What You Must Know About RVing With Babies on Board

Extreme care must occur when securing a baby while traveling in any vehicle and little ones require even more care while traveling in an RV. If you are using a towable, you probably won’t need to change your car seat options in the tow vehicle. However, you need to be cautious when traveling with your little one in a motorhome. Follow all rules you would adhere to when securing a child in an RV seat. Follow these guidelines when securing a child seat in a motorhome:

  • Be sure the car seat is made for the place it is attached to.
  • The car seat is never to be in the front seat of your motorhome.
  • Never put the car seat in a side-facing seat.
  • Be sure there are no loose objects that could hurt your child in their seat.
  • Be sure that the seat is secured to the chassis and not the interior of the RV

You might need to invest in a different car set for your RV, so check the manufacturer’s guidelines and the safety restrictions of your car seat for more information.

Pro Tip: Try to travel known routes instead of back roads. The odds you will have to pull over for any reason rises when RVing with babies.

Can You Take Your Dog on Amtrak

After a well-received short run along the Northeast Corridor, Amtrak has stated it will now allow pets aboard almost all its trains.

The move is made possible by a modification in legislation written into law in 2015 after Rep. Jeff Denham found out for himself that he couldn’t legally bring his dog Lily on an Amtrak train. Besides granting budget allowances, The Passenger Rail Reform and Investment Act now lets Amtrak designate at least one car on every train as pet-friendly.

The Fine Print

With $25, as long as your pets aren’t over 20 pounds, they are welcome to accompany you on your travels.

However, Amtrak’s new pet policy isn’t without its bylaws. For an additional $25, passengers are allowed just one pet and the pet can’t weigh over 20 pounds. The pet’s carrier, in which the animal has to stay while onboard, is also part of that weight limit. Though, licensed service animals will face no such restrictions and will keep on traveling for free.

Two further bits of fine print: The Amtrak Auto Train, which goes from Lorton, Virginia, to Sanford, Florida will still be pet-free. And pets will only be allowed to ride the super-fast Acela train on weekends to avoid traveler chaos.

Acela passengers are usually business travelers who don’t require pet travel like leisure travelers. But on the flip side, Acela weekend service is predominantly leisure travelers.

Traveling with a pet can make things plenty more difficult. But having choices is a big help. Some folks prefer to travel by ground instead of by air. But recently, taking an Amtrak train was off limits to people with pets. Now, Amtrak is altering that policy thanks to a bill that necessitates Amtrak to accept cats and dogs as passengers on their trains.

The bill creates a pilot program that requires Amtrak to allow a furry family member in at least one train car as carry-on baggage. This means that your pet must be able to fit in a tote or kennel that you can carry with you.

How to Get from Canada to Michigan

Michigan is one of the main entry points for goods and people from Canada with thousands of vehicles crossing the international border every year. The state has ten international border crossings into the Canadian province of Ontario that span from tunnels and bridges to rail lines and ferries. Most of the entry points are situated in southern Michigan near Detroit and Port Huron. But there is also a crossing in the Upper Peninsula. It doesn’t matter where in Michigan, there is a border crossing in a couple of hundred miles.

Obtain the Necessary Travel Documents

The “Welcome to Michigan” sign you’ll see on your travels from Canada.

In 2009, as part of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, the documents needed to get back into the United States was modified. Even though U.S. citizens aren’t required to have a passport to get into Canada, citizens returning to the U.S. must have a valid passport card, passport, enhanced driver’s license or documentation from a reputable traveler program. Non-U.S. citizens must have a passport for entry to Canada.

Find the Closest Border Crossing

Find the closest border crossing to the Michigan location and the Canadian destination. The highest concentrations of Canadian border crossings are close to Port Huron and Detroit, but there is also a crossing into northwestern Ontario thanks to the International Bridge situated in the Upper Peninsula town of Sault Ste. Marie.

Crossing Method

Decide your crossing method: ferry, bridge, or tunnel. In Detroit, passenger vehicles can get into Windsor, Ontario by the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel or Ambassador Bridge. Both have you paying tolls and operate within a short distance of each other. However, some drivers might prefer the bridge to the tunnel. To go over the Saint Clair River, it is possible to pick from the ferries in Algonac and Marine City or go across the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron to Sarnia.

Tips for Driving Solo on a Long Trip

Driving cross country can be one of the most fun, memorable experiences of your life. It can give you the freedom to travel wherever you want, without missing anything along the way. It can also be a low-cost alternative to flying, with less hassle. While taking a cross-country road trip is one of the many perks of driving rather than flying, there are still some vital things you should do before you take off.

Cross Country Driving Tips and Advice

  • There are some things you should think about before you begin your cross-country road trip:
  • Make sure your car is in great functioning condition before you begin driving. You should check:
  • Car battery
  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Fluid levels (transmission fluid, brake fluid, engine oil)
  • Plan for gas costs. Make sure you create a budget.
  • Have a “vehicle emergency kit,” which includes items like flashlights, warm clothes, and water.
  • Pack using duffel bags rather than suitcases. They save room in the car and are easier to carry.

Cross Country Safe Driving Tips and Road Trip Information

  • Enhance your visibility so that you’re not hindered by things like fog and rain.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep.
  • Try to stay away from excessive salt and sugar. Don’t eat too heavily.
  • Don’t tailgate. This puts you and other motorists at risk of an accident.
  • Don’t ever drink and drive. Get a DUI and the penalties linked with it isn’t worth it.
  • Obey all traffic safety laws and avoid traffic ticket fines, penalties, and violations.

The Bottom Line

Cross country road trips can be very satisfying but driving cross country comes with hazards as well. Make sure you are well-prepared before you leave and follow these tips along the way so you can reduce your stress and increase your fun.

Tops Out-of-State Road Trip Destinations for Michiganders

For the thrill-seeker

What: Cedar Point

Valravn at Cedar Point

Where: Sandusky, Ohio

Cedar Point is the supreme theme park for those who like rollercoasters. You can also see some shows and go to the beach but Cedar Point is most-appreciated by the real thrill-seeker. Cedar Point has Valravn, a new coaster. Among those records, Valravn is said to be the tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster.

Travel time from Ann Arbor: Around two hours

For the theater lover

What: Stratford Festival

Where: Stratford, Ontario, Canada

This festival started in the 50s as a way to celebrate the works of Shakespeare. Over the years, the festival has expanded to include other theatrical works with the classic Shakespeare plays. Shows include Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” and “As You Like It,” and other offerings like “A Chorus Line” and “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.”

Travel time from Port Huron: Less than two hours

 For the shopping addict

What: Shipshewana, Indiana

The town, just south of the Michigan border, is rich with Mennonite and Amish culture and a hit with tourists. Don’t forget to bring your coins since Shipshewana is known for its shops, auctions, and flea market. If you want to give your wallet a break, go to the area’s museums, parks, and theatres.

Travel time from Kalamazoo: About an hour

 For those who love the big lake

What: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Your car and then a big, huge ferry that lets you cross Lake Michigan. Take a trip to Milwaukee. You could drive around the lake to get there but it’s more fun to drive your car onto a ferry and take a break from road travel while you adore the view. The ferry ride is a great but there is also lots to look forward to once it is over. Milwaukee offers culture, nightlife, sporting events and more.

Travel time from Muskegon: The ferry ride from Muskegon to Milwaukee is 2 ½ hours

Tips for Your Motorcycle Road Trip (Part II)

Dress appropriately

For road trips, especially on a motorbike, dressing appropriate is vital. Always try wearing riding pants, a comfortable shirt, boots, a full-face helmet, and bring the jacket you feel most comfortable with.

If you are expecting a bumpy ride on two wheels, it’s best to pick knee and elbow guards for more protection. Wear fitted clothes as baggy ones can cause discomfort for long distance riding. If you’re doing dirt bike, here are mistakes you should avoid with your gear.

Stay hydrated

Factors like ‘hydration’ typically take a backseat when considering all vital aspects of a motorbike road trip. You need to have proper hydration with you while on the go. Hydration is crucial and if stopping for water bothers you, invest in a hydration pack. The water bottle in a bag not only keeps the water cold but also comes with a long tube that you can use for drinking water without stopping.

Keeping yourself hydrated is very critical to being on top of your game.

Take breaks

You may need more rest while on a biking road trip than you typically take. Sitting on a bike for long hours without a break can create saddle sores. Know when your bike and body are asking you to stop for a break.

Avoid going overboard with it as it will only lengthen your trip and ultimately make it frustrating. Use the break to rest and to check if you need to refuel your tank and if your bike is in good condition.

Be prepared for unexpected weather

Unlike a car trip, you need to be more vigilant of weather conditions when going on a motorcycle road trip. It may start raining unexpectedly or the temperature might be higher than normal. Make sure that you are ready to deal with it. Bring a raincoat and riding gear that offer proper cover for your luggage is crucial.

Tips for Your Motorcycle Road Trip (Part I)

A motorbike road trip is a thrilling experience. Being alone with your thoughts on an exciting trip can be very interesting and should be done at least once in a lifetime.

It is vital to be prepared for your first solo bike road trip. Regardless if you bring your own motorcycle or are planning to rent one, take all critical aspects into account before you set out on the road. This can make the trip more comfortable and hassle-free.

Here are some crucial tips you shouldn’t miss:

Choose your ride wisely

If you are planning a road trip on your motorcycle, make sure it is a comfortable one. Of course, you can always make a couple of modifications to improve its comfort level. In case you are thinking to rent, make sure you choose your ride wisely.

Do your research and find the one you can easily handle and take care of. Bikes with a different handlebar, sharp headlights, softer seats, and guards are better when you are going on an off-road trip.

A great looking bike shouldn’t be the only thing that counts. To have a smooth and successful road trip, having the right ride is imperative.

Pack light

You can find an assortment of luggage carriers for motorbikes available today. The best ones are saddlebags, which can be simply fixed on the backseat or sides of the bike. Other great bag ideas include tank bags and tail-bags which include magnets to hug your tank right away.

Besides picking the right bag, you must also decide on your luggage very carefully. When going on a road trip on a motorbike always pack light. Get disposable stuff so you can dispose of it after use. Carry sachets instead of bottles for most of the things. Avoid having a lot of changes of clothes. Make a list and organize all the essential items before you pack.